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Be EDUCATED during a viral outbreak!

This means getting to know your body, finding out what "high-risk group" means, and learning about prevention.

We like this info page from the CDC about health education in school:

for Public Officials

  • Station a nurse in public schools and workplaces to determine who needs to go home, to unburden staff and administration

  • Enforce universal accessibility and anti-discrimination laws

  • Avoid extended mass quarantine measures unless absolutely necessary; they can often do more harm than good

  • And others!

for Properties

  • Use your lobbies as a great resource

  • Sponsor free company talks by local HHS officials

  • Set up Viral Science stations w/ oximeters

  • Sponsor a nurse-at-work day to answer questions and calm nerves

  • And others!

for People

  • Learn your body and listen to it; how do YOU feel when you are sick or well?

  • Find out if you are in a high-risk group, and take extra precautions:

- older or weaker immune system

- problems processing oxygen in your lungs or blood

- problems breathing

  • And others!

A lot of quality Preventive Care is just "basic commonsense grandmother advice," to safeguard yourself when the conditions allow. You don't need to be a professional to learn these things. But it sure helps to call a licensed Health, Safety, and Wellness professional for more info if you have access to one. And remember, the key to ANY good viral care response is "FIRST, DON'T HURT."

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