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for providing CRITICAL SERVICES to prevent disease!
how can we do OUR PART if they don't do theirs?
THEY need to "SHOVE-IT!" to beat a new virus

"Lots of things are viral! But are they VIRAL HEALTH?"

Most politicians didn't teach us anything about airborne viruses. Instead, they made new laws about tests, masks, and drugs, and they discouraged questions. They also didn't follow their own 130-year old outbreak-related laws and procedures, which was confusing and dangerous.

Maybe that worked OK for some people for 4 years, but it didn't really work OK for us.

This website is part of an alternate response aimed at helping regular people to get ahead of politics and disorganization and to plan for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in our future days, weeks, months, and years. We hope you find it interesting and SPONSOR US to keep it going.

-- The Care+AIR Health, Inc. Communications Team


Meet COPELAND, the helical virus from the COMMUNICATION Department who advocates for everything anti-viral and pro-health to boost our natural immune systems. He wants to trash-talk viruses out to the curb and into the can without hurting any of us. This is especially important when vaccines aren't right for all types of bodies/beliefs or nature's timing.

Click HERE to learn how to SHOVE-IT!

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Meet BARTON from the CARE Department. This complex virus takes time to answer OUR health questions. Our individual viral profiles are as different as our fingerprints. Viruses and bacteria move and change constantly. And, even oxygen is regulated like a drug. It's hard for doctors to keep up!


Visit HERE for some good Sheet Talk.

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Meet SALK from the CONTAINMENT Department, the spherical virus who is all thumbs. He knows that clinics, chats, telephones, and public ads are a great source of quality info. Sadly, our preferred toll-free phone number of +1-800-NOVIRUS is currently a medical scam number that the FTC can't stop.

Go HERE to help the FTC fix this.

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Meet CARVER from the CONTINUTIY Department, the polyhedral virus with a multi-faceted stream of ideas to inspire you to have more FOMO mojo in your day. He may wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but he doesn't stay there! His BLOG is FULL of inspiration. Today's theme:

"NOSE: It doesn't STINK to THINK!"

Click HERE to find out more!

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29 OCTOBER 2023


04 JULY 2026


11 JANUARY 2045

Viral Health & Biosafety campaign launches in Detroit
Puppet causes Civic OUCH-rage atop a pile of plastic trash
Politicians plan to talk about garbage and COVID-38.5

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