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"Creative and knowledgeable businesspersons can keep our country's sheet together better than politicians."

- a bunch of US Founding Fathers sitting around a bar in 1776

ok, i like where this is going. i'm gonna
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What does sponsorship DO?

We hope you like this website so far.

Future funds will be used towards:


  • Peer reviewing and staffing the e-health forum, tele-health phone bank, and info blog with trained professionals

  • Completing interactive educational content and purchasing copyrights and licenses as needed

  • Retaining website designers, tech consultants, app developers, and communications staff

  • Establishing bricks-and-mortar space for Care+AIR Health, Inc. in Detroit, MI

  • Lobbying the FTC/FCC to obtain the 1-800-NOVIRUS help line (or finding a good alternate number)

  • Ensuring that this website and associated services are translatable or multilingual

  • Issuing hard copy signage samples and templates to support the digital content

  • Improving outreach via arts, sports, & entertainment industry leaders

  • Contracting with professional business managers


This can all happen within 30 days of reaching our funding goal.

Ideally, this is BEFORE the 2023 North American cold/flu season REALLY hits, and February 2021 "pre-outbreak" preventive vaccines become questionable for effective use against lung infections and viral pneumonia. US citizens and visitors STILL need access to high-quality and factual e-health/tele-health viral care and bricks-and-mortar care.

There is no reason to repeat the same mistakes FOUR YEARS in a row.

Let's IMPROVE a few things for 2023!

The goal is $250,000 USD.
Wanna contribute?
$1, $2, $5, $10, $100 ...every little bit helps...thank you!
Donate here or contact us directly to avoid PayPal service fees:


Care+AIR Health, Inc. is owned by a licensed US Architect and professional Management Consultant who learned about Infectious Disease Policies and Procedures while Researching, Designing, and Building a BSL3+ Airborne Pathogen Research Lab for the CDC, NIH, and NYC DOHMH, and while co-authoring its Outbreak Prevention and Containment Manuals with various public health agencies and medical response teams. 

Thank You to Our High-Rollers


And THANK YOU to the $250,000 spent out-of-pocket thus far! I quit my job, relocated, had ALL of the different SARS-CoV-2 sicknesses, and paid for research, staff, and supplies myself. I believe in my work. I hope you do, too.

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