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Be VENTILATED during a viral outbreak!

This means enjoying fresh air indoors and indoors, so that viruses move away from your face.

We like this info page from the NIH about air quality and pollution:

for Public Officials

  • Enforce laws against toxic aerosol sprays, fine particle dust/dirt and microplastics, air and water pollution, and over-crowding

  • And others!

for Properties

  • Clean or replace air filters

  • Open doors and windows and turn on fans to promote air movement

  • Check that kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are working properly

  • Avoid mixing air across chambers, especially in Healthcare settings

  • Encourage natural “chaos movement” by replacing lines with loose groups and discouraging one-way walking

  • And others!

for People

  • Try to keep extra distance between yourself and others when talking, particularly if air is not circulating around your face

  • Keep your airway clear and your breathing unobstructed

  • Avoid breathing excessively recycled, hot, or dry air

  • If you wear a face covering, check with your doctor or read OSHA information about proper use and possible side effects of long-term or extended use

  • And others!

A lot of quality Preventive Care is just "basic commonsense grandmother advice," to safeguard yourself when the conditions allow. You don't need to be a professional to learn these things. But it sure helps to call a licensed Health, Safety, and Wellness professional for more info if you have access to one. And remember, the key to ANY good viral care response is "FIRST, DON'T HURT."

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