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Be INFORMED during a viral outbreak!

This means going to reliable sources for facts and updates and having a game-plan ready for illness.

We like this info page from the CDC about health education in school:

for Public Officials

  • Produce free, simple, memorable, multi-lingual, and graphics-based anti-viral signs

  • Use celebrities and buses, taxis, and kiosks to promote a consistent public health message

  • Correct misinformation immediately and prosecute repeat offenders

  • Discourage statistics and encourage facts

  • And others!

for Properties

  • Post official CDC and NIH messaging if possible and if coherent and understandable

  • Post facility operations and training policies, especially related to denial of entry and services for special needs or medically-challenged customers during outbreak periods

  • And others!

for People

  • Accept healthcare information from reputable sources, like a licensed doctor or nurse, or a local nonprofit public health organization

  • KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Plan ahead for getting sick, if it happens to you. Just like in your first 18 years of life, getting used to a new virus can be really tiring. And when you are older, it can be dangerous.

  • And others!

A lot of quality Preventive Care is just "basic commonsense grandmother advice," to safeguard yourself when the conditions allow. You don't need to be a professional to learn these things. But it sure helps to call a licensed Health, Safety, and Wellness professional for more info if you have access to one. And remember, the key to ANY good viral care response is "FIRST, DON'T HURT."

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