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Be OXYGENATED during a viral outbreak!

This means building up your lung capacity and your blood oxygen levels with exercise and diet.

We like this info page from the NIH about breathing and lungs:

for Public Officials

  • Install public oximeter stations with instructions

  • Enforce indoor/outdoor air quality laws, including laws against smoking and vaping in public

  • And others!

for Properties

  • Make sure HVAC fresh air intake grilles are clean, unobstructed, and not near any parking areas

  • And others!

for People

  • Check your blood oxygen levels with an oximeter

  • Eat foods and drink liquids that are high in oxygen, like radishes, watermelon, turnips, kale, beans, chicken, fruit juices, and water

  • Exercise!

  • And others!

A lot of quality Preventive Care is just "basic commonsense grandmother advice," to safeguard yourself when the conditions allow. You don't need to be a professional to learn these things. But it sure helps to call a licensed Health, Safety, and Wellness professional for more info if you have access to one. And remember, the key to ANY good viral care response is "FIRST, DON'T HURT."

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